Healthy Living…Boooo

Healthy living sucks. Well actually it blows, chunks that is. It’s day 4 of my holistic cleansing plan and it’s actually making me sick. On the upside I’ve lost 4 lbs already! Does anyone have advice on how to survive the first week of a cleanse? Aren’t my endorphins supposed to kick in soon or something.

Too late to turn back now

I just launched my first Kickstarter campaign and I am shakin like a stripper. Nervous doesn’t even come close. So much is riding on this project. The album I’ve been waiting to create for years is hanging in the balance. Well as the old folks say, I’ve come to far to turn back now. It’s too late for excuses, time to do the work. Please click the link on the bottom and view the project. Even if you don’t donate, I’d appreciate any positive feedback and constructive criticism. I can’t get better if I don’t know when there’s a problem.

Flag on the play…false start!

It’s been 3 years since I tried to do an album. Right time, wrong place, and wrong people. So what makes this time different? Well, I’ve decided since I’m paying the bills, I’m paying the cost to be the boss. So this album won’t be dependent on the whims of some or the availability of others. The material is written, it’s been tested, and it’s time to package it and give it to the people.  I finally have the right producer and a studio that can actually accommodate a live band. Elevated Basement is the best in Savannah for live band recordings. Nobody in this area does it better. Next level family, stay tuned…….

Sorry Nice To Know Ya!

Getting a little bit older and starting to see things as they are, not as I romanticize them to be. There is a lot to be said for youthful optimism. It’s that thing that makes us not only see the glass half full, but blinds us to the hurricane that flooded the kitchen to get the water in the glass in the first place. Now, I’m not gloom and doom or woe as me. Not my calling; had those days but try not to get mail there. Just an assessment of the world around me and the people in it.

After a chat with my unc who is also a musician and has experienced the treachery that is the music business he enlightened me on some things. First, even on the smallest level, the business of selling artistic creation is crooked. The whole point is to assign a dollar amount or value to a person’s self expression. Since it’s not a tangible thing it’s always based on that person’s interpretation and perspective on how much it’s worth. When you think about it, no rational person would voluntarily auction off their talent and God given gifts to the highest or sometimes lowest bidder. However, the flip side of that is to be your own pimp. If you have to whore yourself out at least be the person that benefits the most. Once you’ve attained a certain standard or base asking price you often times perform to fit that dollar amount. If you feel underpaid, you perform to the penny value of what you’re given. If you can’t believe the amount you get, sometimes you release all inhibitions and perform as if your life depends on it. Funny thing is, once you get to that level where you’re making an insane amount for a 45 minute performance, you’d do it for free. Such is the dichotomy of placing a dollar value on something that can’t be quantified, but can be packaged.

I’ve found that as I’ve aligned myself with supposedly like minded people, the only thing we had in common was a basic need to support ourselves financially. That’s pretty much where it stopped with most of them. Loyalty, honor, keeping your word, not misusing friendships, were foreign concepts to some of the characters I’ve met during my career. It’s the balance of righteousness and ratchetness that has brought to me to this place of resolve. I have to introduce some people to the peace sign and some with the index down. It’s important not to be hardened by the bad things that people may do to you, but to be smarter the next time around. If you put walls up to everybody you may miss out on truly genuine kindred spirits for fear of the other shoe dropping. So it is with this new perspective that I’m ok with temporary people. So for the folks who choose to be the low life snakes you truly are, sorry it was  nice to know ya.

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Vacation From My Vacation

It’s been a while Tumblr fam. I had to get away for a while. So cliche’, I took a Florida vacay. The sun was out, the breeze was great and I tried my best to eat, pray, Tampa. So safe to say I need a vacation from my vacation. Taco Bus, Skipper’s, the media noche Cuban sandy. I need a juice fast pronto. Any suggestions?

My first black card. It can’t buy me an island, but I can travel the world…………. of beer!

My first black card. It can’t buy me an island, but I can travel the world…………. of beer!


What’s up tumblr, this is my first post. Insert cherry pop joke here. Not sure what I’m supposed to say. I guess I’ll use this medium to reach out to a place in myself that I’d previously hidden from the rest of the world. So I am looking forward to our adventures!

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